<strong>Internet</strong> <br/>Content forthcoming. <strong>Firewalls and Network Security</strong><br/>Once you have a good network setup inside your office it is also essential to maintain a secure network that prevents intruders from accessing important information or disrupting your business.  We offer many options for small business firewalls and network security in our Birmingham, Alabama offices. Our systems are cost effective, efficient, and are the best in keeping your business safe! Allow our network engineers to determine and employ a solution to keep your network safe and stable. <strong>Disaster Recovery</strong> <br/>Slappey will assess the situation and work with you to deploy the most effective mixture of recovery options. Together we will also create a long-term permanent solution with an established timeline for execution. Emergency procedures are agreed on at the outset, as well as the chain of command and process in the event of any number of disasters, from equipment failure to a variety of facility failures. 17 certified technicians are available for dispatch. <strong>Consulting</strong> <br/>It is our goal to provide you with much more than just communications equipment.  Our goal is to act as your consultant in this complex and sometimes confusing industry.  To accomplish this, we train all of our account executives extensively, and approach your business as a team in order to provide you with the best communication solution possible. We want you to consider us as part of your IT and communications team! <strong>Cloud Computing Solutions</strong> <br/>We bundle in a variety of cloud services to simplify what servers or software is needed locally to give you a better value for each dollar you spend.  Unlike some cloud exclusive companies, we mix and match between cloud and on-premises equipment to provide you with a customized solution to fit your specific business needs and budget. <strong>Business Networking</strong><br/>Everything in your business uses the business computer network to some capacity (printing, internet, phones, computers, servers, etc.) and it is critical that this component of your business is set up right and for optimal efficiency. <strong>Business Phone Systems</strong><br/>Whether you have one office or hundreds, we can design a customized business phones solution to fit your business needs and help you be more efficient while providing your customer with a higher quality customer experience. <strong>Phones & Mobile Devices</strong><br/>Mobile devices for business and small business mobile phone packages represent a larger and larger portion of an end-user's experience with business technology systems.  We help you manage these to be more cost effective and for maximum utility. <strong>Servers</strong><br/>We provide a full line of services to help you keep your backend servers operational and meeting your business needs.  We do everything from basic service calls to complete server management including local and offsite backups in the Birmingham, Alabama area.  Consider us your offsite IT team! <strong>Backup</strong></br>In the event that there is an emergency (your system fails to the point where you cannot communicate), we have backup communications solutions in place to capture your calls and keep your business operating until the problem can quickly be resolved. Never worry again that an emergency could destroy your business. Prepare yourself with the proper emergency backup systems and then forget about it! <strong>Laptops & Computers</strong></br>We provide end-user computer IT support to keep your company's computers up and running and resolve service issues as they occur.  We will support your laptop systems at the same level of service with which we support your desktop computers. From resolving connectivity issues to networking to ensuring proper backup of your laptops, Slappey will help you choose the best systems from the beginning and serve as your IT team for that critical component of your business.


We sell Communication Solutions Made Simple. We design, implement, and maintain Business Telephone Systems, Internet and Phone Lines, Business Servers, Cloud computing, Mobile devices, Computers, plus, all of the networking to make everything work together in a seamless fashion. If you’re looking for a network security system, the best small business firewall, or just overall IT security for your small business, call us first.

We provide one simple bill and one number to call for all of your technology needs so you can stay focused on what matters to you . . . your business. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Slappey Communications has been providing the Best Quality Service Possible to our customers for the past 30 years.